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During the toddler years, children are developing their language skills greatly. They are great observers and steadily build their vocabularies by absorbing the language around them. Here at Little Learners we encourage this exploration of language through songs, nursery rhymes, and books. We also encourage creativity through sensory exploration of art materials such as clay and paint.


During this stage of development children are highly curious and love to explore independently. They enjoy pretending, playing with finger puppets, shaking rhythm instruments, and putting their motor skills to use. It is at this age that the foundation for reading and writing should begin by reading books and allowing them to discover print through stories and alphabet activities. Two year olds also love to sing and dance so music is a great tool to use in educating them.

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At this stage of development your child learns primarily through exploration using all of the five senses. They develop their logical reasoning skills as they play. They are able to sort, identify, and classify objects as well as many new academic abilities. At this age, it is important for your child to socialize with other children and form friendships with others. Little Learners provides great opportunities for social growth and independence.

fours and fives...

Little Learners is well aware of the skills pre-kindergarteners must master before entering elementary school. While at school your four year old will be learning their letters, phonemes, how to manipulate sounds through blending and deletion,colors, number recognition, patterns, etc. through creative hands on experiences developed specifically with them in mind. They will also be learning fine motor skills such as cutting, pasting, tracing, and writing inorder to well prepare them for kindergarten.

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Free the child's potential,
and you will transform
him into the world.

  ~Maria Montessori

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